VIP Coaching Membership

Andos Gaming Coaching Session

Looking for a personal coach to help you get better at warzone? Tired of not seeing improvements in your game? Well look no further! I am currently offering VIP coaching memberships right now with features below:

  • In-depth 1 on 1 coaching session once a month
  • Private coaching session (45 min) once a month to help you improve
  • Analyse your VOD (Gameplay) and provide feedback
  • Review your gameplay once a month and provide analysis/feedback report
  • Play 1 v 1 sessions with me where we focus on improving movement techniques and gun skills (Modern Warfare 2 required)
  • Personalised Training/Coaching – I will cater a training program to help you specifically as everyone is different.
  • Follow up with you to make sure your improving and make adjustments accordingly

The Price will be $50 AUD subscription a month, however you can cancel at any time!

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