Andos Gaming Coaching Session

Looking for a personal coach to help you get better at warzone? Tired of not seeing improvements in your game? Well look no further! I am currently offering VIP coaching memberships right now with features below:

  • In-depth 1 on 1 coaching session once a month
  • Private coaching session (45 min) once a month to help you improve
  • Review your gameplay and provide analysis/feedback report
  • Play 1 v 1 sessions with me where we focus on improving movement techniques and gun skills (Modern Warfare Required)
  • Personalised Training/Coaching – I will cater a training program to help you specifically as everyone is different.
  • Follow up with you to make sure your improving and make adjustments accordingly
  • Pre-Requisite: only sign up if you have access to modern Warfare Multiplayer (This will Enable me to go through Beginner to advanced techniques with you)

The Price will be listed below and is a monthly subscription, however you can cancel at any time!

Level Price  
Private Coaching Membership $50.00 per Month. Select

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